25 Social Media Marketing Ideas & Tips

People say that Customer is the king and it is very true. Customers are the major audience, who is responsible for keeping any company alive and in profit. If a company have no customers or limited customers, that company can’t survive for long. That’s why every company or organization do and try every step in order to retain their existing customers and attract new customers too. Similarly marketing and advertisement is also very necessary to remind the customers about your products and services. According to survey, it is important to remind the customers through Television Ad, Print Media Ads, Billboards and other means. If you failed to do so, then there must be probability of losing your customers soon and they will forget about your company, your products and your services. Marketing is now a day turned into a war and companies using all modes of marketing to advertise their products and services to attract and retain the customers.

There are different kinds of marketing tools used now days to attract customers like email marketing, social media, TV advertisement, print media and much more but the one which is gaining popularity is social media marketing. It is one of the best and easy ways to send your message and target a specific area or place. By reading the below mention 25 social media marketing ideas and tips, you will be surprised surely that how by simply using Social Media and social networking sites can reach into other parts of your business marketing strategy.

Why Social Media Marketing?

To many entrepreneurs and marketing experts, social media marketing in the “Next Big Hit” and they are urging people to use this medium for their business activities. Although many people are still not convinced about social media marketing but they are in few numbers. It has gain a significant importance in the last few years.

Simply because it delivers quickly, social media has built a reputation of instant marketing medium and a profitable one. The statistics also supports it and according to Hubspot, more than 92 per cent of the marketers in 2014 have suggested that social media marketing is very essential for businesses now days and 80 per cent has concluded that through social media marketing, their website traffic has increased significantly. According to “Social Media Examiner”, more than 97 per cent of the marketers are actively using social media marketing and the whole landscape of marketing has been changed after its introduction. Marketers have founded new avenues and it is not that complicated too. It is an easy and very powerful tool which can be used by finger tips which can share your content with rest of the world in just few seconds.  According to many experts, if you are not using this medium for your business promotion, you are way behind your rivals. They argue that those businesses and business persons are successful who have active presence on different social networking sites.

If it is used properly, social media marketing can be an excellent way for targeting groups of customers and potential customers too. Now a days, smart phones and tablet computers are widely used and due to which the use of social media has also been increased. Mobile phones are used as personal property, accessory and carries it with themselves everywhere. They carries it themselves all the time, use it for browsing and socialising which means that it is easy to reach them-unlike other types of advertising , you won’t need your targets to open a newspaper, switch on the TV or check their email to check and watch your advertisement. Bellow, we will be discussing 25 Social Media Marketing Ideas & Tips

  1. Identify Goals and Objectives

The initial and one of the most important steps for growing up the social media presence is to identify the objectives and goals. It means that you must make that you really know what you are going after before the posting is started by you. You must ensure how each and every platform works out, what target audiences you can reach out, where you can reach them out, what are your objectives. By following some of these tips, you will be having a great start

  1. Let Them Know you are Human

Allow your target audience to see the softer side which means interacting on your different accounts of social media often. Very often! But this does not mean that you might throw up a link of your article and hopes that people will click it or read it. It actually means that you should get on there and starts interacting with each and every one. You should also respond to different posts from your target audience and when they show any kind of interest, interacts with them. You should also show them, who you really are and in this way, your audience will feel a closer connection with you and they will want and wait for your new posts and articles and will visit the website on more regular basis

  1. Understand Their Needs

You also need to understand the needs and preferences of your audience and it will help you in interacting with them more clearly. If you clearly understand their needs and preferences, you will be able to write and post according to them and it will help in attracting more and more people. If your audience got to know that you are providing them exactly what they need, the traffic visiting your website will be doubled. You should post on website very regularly and they will trust you and the trust factor will be build more when your audience will hears from you more

For attracting more customers through the tool of social media marketing, you should make sure to develop a site which loads quickly and can be easily accessible and interactive. These are some of the basic demands of customers and you must identify and understand these. Don’t make people waiting for a website to load slowly

  1. Include the Icons on Your Website

Another important thing is including different icons of your social media networks on your website. IT will make things easier for those who are following you and coming to read your posts and articles to like. But one thing must be kept in mind that make these things easy and convenient for them and don’t force them to track you down.

You must also make an App for your website so that people can download it and browse it through their smartphones. It is one of the best tools to engage more and more people because through Apps people can easily access your site and can read stuff which you have posted

  1. Link Your Profile to Your Website

Another important thing is linking your Twitter, Facebook or any other social profiles to your site. Just like you desire to give links on your own site to your profiles, you will also need to link with your site in order to give easy access to people and they will be able to learn more about you and your company

In addition to social media, you must add click for sharing, click for comment and click for email features. This will provide huge opportunity for the people to connect and get engage on your website. If you make your website interacting and easy to use, than surely people will attract in large numbers

  1. Share with Everyone

You should also share your different accounts of social media with everyone you know. But it should be kept in mind that you should not become a spammer. You shouldn’t be afraid of share. By doing these kind of activities, people will know that you have a very active presence on Twitter, Facebook etc. and they can also share these accounts with other people they know. To get the word out, this one of the very simple way

  1. Create an Integrated Social Media Strategy

You should also make sure that each and every network of social media in you are involved is for a purpose and it is not just useless. You can easily ensure this thing by initiating a marketing calendar. You should make sure that you add all of your upcoming blog posts, events, and everything else which you have decided in this this calendar to with your business. This will surely help you in staying organized and structure and understand that how your different social media accounts will bring and disclose more untapped sectors for your product and business

  1.  Produce Valuable Content

Another tip for social media marketing is that you should ensure you are producing attractive and very valuable content in your different social networking accounts too alongside with your blog. Posting updated and best content surely helps in showcasing your website and business and it will bring more money and more customers

  1. Engage with Everyone

You should definitely engage with those people who likes, comment and post on your different social media pages. So when someone put or comments or post something, you should comment back and talk back to them. Realise them that you are reading the stuff which they are posting and you are open up to listen what they want.

  1. Optimize your Social Media Accounts

By using keywords, you can optimize your social media accounts. You should use that keywords which go and suits with your business. Think of what your fans and customers are searching up on Google, Yahoo or other search engines and in your posts you should use those keywords.


  1.  Use Hashtags Often

Its world of social media and Hashtags are important part of them. Everyone use this to bring more fans to their websites and blogs and you should also use Hashtags on regular basis. By using hashtags on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook will surely help you in bringing more people to your websites, blogs and other social media accounts but you should be careful also. Don’t finish every article and post with unrelated hashtags because it will only do worst.

  1.  Add the Social Icons to Your Emails

You should definitely think about it: All day long you send out emails. So if you add icons of your social media in your emails, people will surely get curious and will start to check out your pages and accounts and eventually your website. This is a best way for growing your presence on social media

But you should keep this in mind that while it’s very good to be actively present on different platforms of social media which are related to your business but you should separate your professional presence and personal presence on these sites. This will helps your customers in deciding what to follow and what to not. Also, as there will be separate profiles for everything, so you will be able to post stuff related according to the nature of social media profile

  1.  Provide a Benefit to Your Audience

People who visit website or social media page always ask that “For me, what’s in it?” You should show them by providing something free of cost – something designed and developed to draw them into your business by peaking interest or building trust. You should also consider giving away any discounted code, a free book, a short trial or even liking back their page. This will surely help you in earning some valuable followers who will be staying engaged.

  1.  Branch Out

Don’t just use Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. There are several of other social media platforms. This could mean social review sites, social bookmarking sites, and more. You should also try the “Foursquare” and by checking into the site, let your followers know that where you are. Being socially active is about more than just being on famous networking sites

  1. Use Games

People like to be right and they also like to respond to different questions. You should make sure to use trivia games in order to bring more traffic, follows and likes. It is one of the best ways to bring in more people and to build up engagement. It is also be fun and in this ay the traffic increased too

  1. Consistently Post at a Comfortable Rate

It becomes frustrating when someone sees on recent updates on his or her favourite blogs. So in order to keep the customers satisfied, you should regularly post at a very comfortable rate. If you have to, advance posts options can also be opted and in this way your audience won’t be in hanging

  1.  Try Not to Outsource

You should try to post on your social media accounts, website and blog yourself. This will definitely gives you an authentic look but if you chose to outsource, you must make sure that is outsourced to someone having similar voice of yours

  1. Do your Research

Every type of business will be going to have different types of experiences on social media. For example, a restaurant might be having a very different plan and initiatives than a used car. So it is very important to spend time on researching other ways for getting more followers and likes on your different social media accounts. You should learn everything about growing the presence of your social media in specific markets by digging in there

  1. Give them a Reason

In order to grow your fan base and attract more people, you should give a solid reason to customers for following you on your twitter account and liking your pages on Facebook. You should show them that you will regularly posting stuffs and that stuff will be interesting and updated. This will provide them a solid reason for engaging with you on your social networking accounts

  1.  Tackle Customer Complaints Efficiently

If you do end up with some kind of issues or complaints from any of your fan on your website, you should tackle that quickly and efficiently. You should respond in a professional manner even if they are not. You should also make sure that you take a good care of them by quickly answering their queries. Simply by offering a dedicated and solid customer service will helps you in growing your business

  1.  Provide Q & A’s

You should initiate a session of questions and answers on your website and social networking accounts on regular basis. You can also use a section of frequently asked questions in order to help the questions of fans more efficiently. Many times fans might have any problem and they looks for quick answer or solution. You can also have a chat box which can provide 24/7 customer services and your customers can interact with them by texting them and chatting with live

  1.  Ask Clients to Share and Connect

Sometimes by just inviting and asking your potential clients as well as your permanent clients to connect and share you social media networks might just bring more fans. It is one of the easiest ways to bring fans

  1.  Create a Plan and Stick to it

You should also create one major plan for bringing more fans. You should stick to that plan and you should also do what you believe is working well more often. But if you find something else which works really well and is attracting more people, you should adopt it

  1.  Treat Each Social Network as an Individual One

You should also treat your different social networking accounts individually. You should also share these social networking accounts individually and it should be shared often in order to attract and engage more and more fans

  1.  Go Further in Customer Service

If someone has a problem or issue, make sure that you go beyond and above to them help in reaching a solid conclusion. By doing this, it will indicates that you are giving full efforts to provide them as much help and support and they will also realise with an argument that with a good business, you are also a very good person and this will surely makes them to come back

Bottom line of this long talk is that you should take social media marketing seriously because it will emerge as one of the biggest marketing tool in near future. When it comes to your different social media marketing strategies, there’s no point in re-inventing or rediscovering the wheel. Instead, you can also take advice from businesses and experts who have experienced success while using social media. Whether it’s increasing customer engagement or gaining more followers, world-wide businesses are discovering ways to how social media marketing is contributing to growth and success. The number of people using social media is increasing day by day and it’s very easy to access them (people) through social media marketing instead of using expensive measures like print and electronic media. Due to large variety of channels, people normally switch channel when an ad comes in front of them. On other hand, people spend several hours on social networking sites. Many people have already started taking initiatives for making social media marketing as one of their major tools. It is cheap and convenient as compared to others, easy to exercise and initiated and took less time to reach to the targeted customers. So we can easily say that future belongs to social media marketing and these 25 social media marketing ideas and tips will surely help you in achieving your goal


15 Best Word press plugins in 2016

Savvy bloggers are always on the lookout for the best Word Press plugins and in this article we’ll be talking about 15 best word press plugins in 2016. Isn’t that one of the most attractive things about Word Press? You can get all kinds of Word Press plugins including those that can be very helpful in increasing traffic to your websites and enhance the customer ratings and reviews. Having a hard time choosing the best Word Press plugins? Here are three reasons why you need to get the best Word Press plugins and how to determine what the best is:

Improve traffic to your website

One of the key reasons Word Press is a favorite blogging tool is because of its reliable, built-in SEO tools. Search engines   love blogs. But to better improve your blog’s chances of receiving high ranking in the search engines, use SEO plugins. SEO plugins help improve your SEO rankings by placing the right keywords in your title tags, header tags and in other key places within the blog. To achieve the same result, aside from SEO plugins, there are also essential social networking tools like commenting and review services that come in handy.

  Increase customer comments

The more customer comments and reviews you have on your blog, the better impression readers will have on your blog. If a new visitor comes to your blog and finds that each of your posts have several comments, then there is no doubt that they will spend more time reading and sharing your posts. Not only that but it also works both ways. Increased traffic = increased customer comments. Increased customer comments = more website traffic.

The characteristics of some of the best Word Press plug-ins that help in increasing the rating and number of comments to your blogs are:

There is built-in email notification system which notifies people when someone has left a reply on their comments. This feature helps by encouraging the commenter return to your blog and leave a reply. Furthermore, an additional benefit of this plugin is that it enables you to grow your mailing list.

Allows your commenter’s to promote their blogs in their comments by choosing recent posts from their blogs. Every blogger wants a promotion, and this will sure increase their motivation to visit your blog and comment on a regular basis.

  Plugins to make your blog easy to manage

Plugins make your blog much easier to use and handle. Choose the best WordPress plugins that will work for what you want to achieve, and you’ll only need 2 or 3 of them at most. Their functions include blog backup, spam management and enhancing WordPress writing and editing functions.

Choosing Functions

When choosing the best WordPress plugins for your blog, we strongly suggest you get plugins that focus on those which provide the following:

  • Provide blog back up
  • Spam management
  • Enhanced Word Press writing and editing functions

Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know what you think. Also feel free to Like, Tweet, and Share.

The dream of every website owner is to achieve the highest rank in search engine result pages.  But for most regular people, trying to get ranked in the first 3 pages on Google is tough. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be.

You can use certain tools to help you increase traffic to your web pages and attain high ranking in the search engines. One reason WordPress is so popular is because there are so many WordPress plugins you can use to improve your website. By installing the best WordPress plugins, you can help boost your web page ranking tremendously.

Research has proven that websites rank high on search engines because of the number of backlinks they have. However, creating backlinks requires a lot of work, time, effort, and creativity, and often times, money as well. Some webmasters even hire third parties to create backlinks for their web pages but still do not achieve their desired results. Don’t despair. Utilize good WordPress Plugins to help your website grow.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few things to help you choose the best WordPress plugins. Choose a WordPress plugin that will do the following for your web pages:

  • Generate backlinks
  • Boost up your rankings
  • Increase your revenues
  • Helps you target popular keywords
  • Increase traffic to your web pages

The best WordPress plugins help you achieve all that and more automatically.  How? Well for example, a WordPress plugin that helps create good backlinks should have a network you can automatically connect to. This will be of great benefit to you because you will be joining a large network of different members. Better still, these members do not only increase on a daily basis but also assist each other by sharing backlinks. Thus, you will already have thousands of members to exchange links with.

The best Word Press plugins also help you get your hands on the most popular keywords.  Keywords are important if you want your website to rank high in the search engines. You can use these keywords to boost up your rankings in the search engines. It can be very challenging to Increasing the traffic and ratings for your Word Press site, especially when you are just getting started in the World Wide Web.

Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave us a note about how you liked it. If you’re just getting started online, you may have heard that setting up a blog is one of the best ways to get a website up and running. Word Press is a free program you can install on your hosting account which will organize your website and present to the world a very nice looking website.

And what makes word press even more exciting is a whole community of programmers that create plugins to make life that much easier with your blog. These plugins are very easy to install and very helpful with your traffic generation.


Best 15 plugin of 2016

  • Facebook Social Plugin

Every blog needs some social proof and this plugin will give you that. If you have a fan page with lots of fans, this plugin will add a widget to your sidebar. You can set it up to show the pictures of all your fans. This shows to your blog readers that others like your page. Since others like your fan page then people will feel good about staying around your page and stick to reading more. It’s is very helpful as it gives readers the ability to like your fan page without actually having to click over to Facebook.

  • Onlywire for Word Press

This is a service that will post your new blog posts to over 30 different websites at once. Google and other search engines will rank you based on the amount of backlinks you have. This plugin will automate sending out your blog post link. Instantly you can have 30+ backlinks to your website. The search engines will spider these others sites and will give you a higher ranking.

  • Tweet Meme Retweet Button

Next to each of the post on my blog will be a little retweet button. This is great to allow your readers to send your blog post link out all of their twitter followers. Just think if a reader comes to your blog and has 50k follower and click on that little button. You will have a ton of traffic coming to your site very fast.

  • Word Press Super Cache

Sometimes blogs are loaded very slowly because it’s trying to plug-in information and pull in the entire database. This plugin will actually take a snap shot of your blog post and put it into a cache folder. Now when your visitors come to your site they are looking at a cached version of your page. This will load up your blog very fast. Readers don’t like to wait around for you page to load so why not give it to them instantly.


  • Word Press Database Backup

This plugin should be number one because it’s the most important. I remember back about 8 years ago I had a blog that I was building. And then one day the server of hosting company was crashed and my stuff was removed as they didn’t have a backup. Well I lost about a year’s worth of blogging in one day. Not anymore because I backup everything. This plugin will backup your blog each day. I do a backup and then have the plugin send me an email. This email will be in my archive. If anything happened to my blog, I could just go into my archive and upload my backup. Never missing a beat and the readers wouldn’t know the difference.

  • Word Press to Twitter

As twitter is also becoming a huge traffic generation website so it makes sense to post the links on page for enhancing traffic. Everything you make a new post this plugin will automate the link to your twitter account. You can setup a link shortening service and WordPress to twitter will make a nice little post that fits into their 140 characters posting box.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

Google is a computer and needs to be told what to do. This plugin will give Google everything it needs in one place. Specifically for Google, sitemap is all the links setup. The spider will come to your website and look at your site map for anything new it can add to the search index.

  • SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is the second free SEO WordPress Plugins that must installed on your website. This plugin can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding pages, posts, tags, and categories on your website. With this plugin you can reduce your work to interlinking posts, pages, categories and tags.

  • SEO Search Term Tagging

SEO Search Term Tagging is the third free SEO WordPress Plugins that must installed on your website. This Plugin logs incoming queries from search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. With this plugin you can increase your site’s SERP by strengthening on page SEO of your website which adds a special link to search results and increase the number of pages indexed.

  • WORDPRESS No follow Post

If your website have too many external links, it’s will drop SERP in search engine ranking, you must add attribute no follow for all your external links. WORDPRESS No follow Post is free SEO Word Press Plugins will automatically add no follow attribute to all external links on posts / pages. You can also add exception on domains you selected. This plugin also must install on your website.

  • SEO Friendly Images

The ALT attribute in your images is important part of search engine optimization. It describes the images to searching engines and when a user comes for searching that image this is a key determining factor for a match. With this free SEO Word Press Plugins, you will update all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes. If you have images whom ALT and TITLE isn’t already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set.

  • Word Press Archive-Sitemap Generator

Sitemap also required increasing your SERP in search engine ranking; you must have sitemap on your website to fast indexing your posts or pages. Word Press Archive-Sitemap Generator is free SEO Word Press Plugins that will generate your sitemap easily. Many options in this plugins you can customize such us sorting post option, display how many post per page will be generated, option to include page in sitemap or not, option to show comment in sitemap or hide it.

  • Yoast Word Press SEO

The most downloaded Word press plug-in is Yoast. Yoast SEO plug-in is very helpful in writing good content with optimized sites of Word press. Through it, you can add titles, Meta keyword, and descriptions on your site wherever you want. When the site is updated, it also adds Twitter Card, Ping Search Engine and Sitemap

The 15 Power Killer Free SEO Word Press Plugins already done for you to optimize your website for full on page SEO friendly, now you just strengthening your off page SEO by submitting your website to article directory and find back-link for your website.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social media is a set of websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

In this modern age, where social media and networking is prevailing and sort of ruling over other mediums of media, it is because of its marketing strategies which are so strong and appealing for its target audience that works as there backbone and supports social media to enhance its credibility and capabilities.

Through social media, the process of increasing traffic and publicity of websites or pages is called Social Media Marketing techniques. Today, everyone wants to become popular on social media as it will be very helpful for the growth of their business. The great presence on social media will happen if you have a huge number of followers and you must understand what they want from you and how to give. Here, we will discuss some of the social media marketing techniques which may be helpful for your growing business.

Make your Strategy – Before start posting, organize your strategy that what will you post, how the social network works, and how can you get people on your page. Decide your objectives and goals at the beginning. It is more like making and provoking people to follow you. In the world of social media time works so fast and everything depends on single clicks of “like, Follow,   Un-follow…. etc. so the first stage of making strategy should be the very strong base that can hold the whole building in its proper place with exquisite grace. Only then one can take a kick start in social media.

Make them see your Softer Side – You have to interact with your followers very often. Do not just throw links or images on your pages and hope that people will click and read it. You have to make your followers more connected to you by responding their posts and giving them importance.

It’s a global village concept flooding the minds of every one. People wants to get interacted with others, may be far from their sight, but they do have that sense of curiosity that arouse their intuitive to interact and social media provides them a platform to ratify their needs. And for this reason on social media for having a strong influence on others one is supposed to interact with his followers to let them realize who he exactly is, what is pattern of his thoughts about certain things, how he got to achieve this rank. All these queries can only be solved while interacting with the others and showing them your softer side.

Link your Website with other Social Media Accounts – Make it simple for people to interact with you. On your personal websites, give the link on your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter so that people can follow you easily and read or like your stuff. However, you can also link your website to social media accounts so that people can direct to your website through these account and know more about you.

This is the step which is responsible to make sure that you are easy in access and not far from the reach of your followers. It’s a very essential technique because it helps your followers to know about you more and may be from different platforms, your views, your ideas, your imaginations, your achievements can influence them and you will be a role model for them.

Sharing – This is a simple way to enhance your followers. Share your all accounts with public, they will know your presence on social media and start following you. They can also share your accounts with others and the result will be the growing popularity.

It’s a saying that sharing is caring but in the scenario of social media caring is the attribute attached with the persona not with the target audience because if you share your list of accounts you are taking care of your own self while letting people know different platforms and more chances to know about your personality and work.  So sharing is important.

Hashtags – Hashtags are the trend of these days and almost used by everyone on social media. This will make posts attractive and trendy but do not overuse them in every post. Excess of everything is irritating. So be careful in using hashtags as it can bring more people to your social media accounts. Hashtags is technique to give you caption of certain thing a trend or making it able to acknowledge by the whole world to see it so one should use it precisely and adequately.

Link Icons to you E-mail – In a day, you send may emails to different persons. If you start linking your social media accounts at the end of every email then this idea can increase your popularity as people will be curious and click that link. They may follow you or like your stuff.

Play Games – Mostly, people want some attractive things that can refresh their minds and leave a good effect. You can add games to your websites or social media accounts to attract more people to follow you like; you can ask interesting questions as people like to respond questions, you can also add trivia games as that will be a fun and the traffic on your accounts will be increased too.

Although the choice of your games reflects the personality you pose but most of the times people get irritated with the game request you send them. Even once in the conference with Mark Zuckerberg (creator of the Facebook) was being suggested that he should do something to prevent people from having candy crush requests.

Regular Posts – It is an essential key for social media marketing. If you are in contact with your audience, the more trust you can build. It also ensures your availability to them. It helps in letting people or your follower know that you are active on your account and you are available to them if they need you for any queries.

Content – The content which you will post must be unique and relevant. Do not deliver irrelevant content as the people get bored and may stop following you. It will not be good for your social media presence. Content should not be repetitive as the people have seen this before so they would not like to see one thing again and again. You content must be unique and attractive so the people can like it.

Content matters a lot, you should not post anything that can hurt the feelings of any of your follower, and your post should not be the one reflecting racism, which can cause tension and distortion among people. One should post the content that can support his account in being reasonable which don’t allow his followers to un-follow him. His content should be influential rather pessimistic.

Social Networks – You should test everything. Do not ignore the smaller networks like; Tumblr, Pinterest. Just go and try these too, the results may be surprising.

Becomes a Helper – If your followers ask questions from you, answer them. Do not use sales language but try to help them out genuinely. It can be the core assumption for the social media to help other in disseminating the knowledge without using the actual business terms.

One should help his followers and should be available to them always for solving their issues and giving them sound advices according to expertise and sound credibility.

Be Visible – Your presence is very important for social media marketing. If you are not interacting with your followers, there will be no benefit for them to following you. You can also follow your competitors and interact with their shared contents.  “Be as visible as possible”

Learn from Mistakes – A successful person learns from his mistakes. Analyze your previous posts and select that posts that were not able to get more significance and avoid posting that type of stuff in future.

In this world, where social media is ruling and there are no fewer amounts of ideas and creativity which is flooding the internet, so in the river of creativity one must be competitive enough to make sure his survival. As the saying goes survival of the fittest, so one is supposed to be fit enough to ensure his survival.

Use Images – Images are more attractive than the dry posts. Try to use images with text as it will help to gather people around you on social media. After radio, people were drawn to television only because of the moving picture, because it just don’t seem boring and picture also ensures and reinforces the message given through narration, so in the social media picture with the thought provoking captions arouse the sense of curiosity among the followers to ponder over that specific thought. Pictures help in vitalizing the sense of imagination too.

Do not run after Like and Shares – Try to post something interesting that people like and want to share. Do not run after likes and shares for your posts as it will affect your quality.

Know your Competitors –You should know about your competitors that what they are posting in their social media accounts so that you can post better to grow your followers.

Interact with your Followers – Let you followers know that you are engaged with them and reading their comments and response them by talk back. If you have a busy schedule, you can select a day in week when you will talk to your followers and answer their questions.

Research is Necessary – Each type of business needs research as well as social media marketing also needs research work so that you can enhance your social media presence and know more about your audience. Research works as the ground provided to build you building on it. So as much you research your ground for your building will increase and you can build a strong, large mansion on it.

Say No to Outsource – If you want to give your social media accounts authentic look, post on your pages, social media accounts, and websites by yourself. Do not hire any outsource to work on your place. But if u wants any outsource then his voice must be matched to yours.

Give Reason to Follow – Show people that you post on your blogs regularly and interact with your followers. Also your posts are very interesting and unique so that they want to follow you or like your contact. Just give them a reason.

Quick Response of Complaints – If someone encounters a problem, you should have to help them to solve and find a conclusion. They will come to know about your personality if you show your attention towards them. You are doing well if you are giving quick response to you follower’s queries. The traffic will be increased and the chance of growing your business will be higher.

In this world where the saying of survival of the fittest is in practice, there in social media one must follow these strategies to enhance its credibility and to increase its followers. It’s more like a cliché of this modern world that creativity is flooding the world but very few of them are being acknowledged on the right level which they deserve and in these consequences social media is providing a very strong platform for the people to let everyone know about their work and to help them in being acknowledged by the world. But always content and building block research and your material matters a lot.

In conclusion one should follow these social media marketing techniques to become a well-known person over social media and to increase and sustain the number of followers.